McMullen Oil Company Inc. offers a wide variety of fuel products that include                            

  • All grades (87, 89, and 93) of E10 Gasoline,
  • All grades of  Non-ethanol Recreational gasoline (90 and 93), 
  • Off-Road Diesel, 
  • And Highway Diesel. 

 We specialize in the delivery and sales of Fuel and other related products. We have 2 facilities located within Pinellas County Florida, which combined has the capability to hold approximately 150,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel. With an active fleet of 12 trucks with capacities ranging from 8500 transports to 800 gallon tank wagon trucks, we have the abilities to deliver gasoline and diesel fuel to a wide variety of customers.  We supply customers that range from Home Heating to Construction , Industrial Companies, Government entities , Agriculture and Retail Stations. 

 We also operate a fleet fueling facilitie located at our Clearwater location which provides Diesel fuel and Non-Ethanol gasoline (90,91,93) 

Non Ethanol/ Marine Fuels

This grade of fuel has no ethanol so your boat, small engines and classic cars will run their best.

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